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Whatever we do leaves a carbon footprint.
This can be offset by purchasing carbon credits to become carbon neutral.

BLOCI sells carbon offsetting credits from reputable and traceable UK organisations which can be independently verified via the blockchain.
Buying from BLOCI encourages landowners to become carbon positive – selling their carbon credits enables others to be carbon neutral.

The 2 Easy Steps to Offset your Carbon Emissions

Flight Carbon Calculator

Supports different flight classes and types e.g. short / long haul & domestic
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Vehicle Calculator

Calculate the Carbon used travelling by road using various transport modes
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Coffee Calculator

Supports multiple coffee types and quantities. Perfect for Coffee Shops
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Bus & Coach Calculator

Calculate the Carbon used travelling by bus or coach

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Fuel & Energy Calculator

Use for Electricity, Gas and other fuel types. Also, includes refrigerants
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Alternatively, you can buy your Carbon Credits directly below

Buy Carbon Credits Here

One kg unit of Carbon Offset is 1 kgCO2e @ 8p each (Minimum Order is 15 kgCO2e)

[Note: 1000kgCO2e = 1 TonneCO2e]

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